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Ground water 

Portions of the world's largest ground water Aquifer, also known as the Ogallala Aquifer, is located under the Twin Platte NRD.  In order to preserve the Aquifer and maintain the ground water for future generations, the TPNRD makes sure all wells are in good working order.

The TPNRD oversees the quality and quantity of the ground water.

Water quality is sampled from spring to fall.  The TPNRD takes water samples and sends them to a lab to test for nitrates and pesticides.  Water quantity is measured every spring and fall. The TPNRD uses the data from these readings to put into computer models, and for keeping track of ground water levels in the District.    

Integrated Management Plan (IMP)

In 2004, Nebraska Law designated the Upper Platte River Basin as Over Appropriated and required the Natural Resources Districts in the Upper Platte River Basin to jointly approve, with the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources (NE DNR),  returning the Upper Platte River Basin to a Fully Appropriated condition.  Because of the IMP, the TPNRD has entered into a partnership with Grower Information Services Coop (GiSC). 


The TPNRD has entered into a contract with GiSC, local well drilling companies, and Olsson for this new Water Data Program. There is NO COST to the grower for this Water Data Program.

Please visit the TPNRD Water Data Program page on the left of the menu for more information on this program. 


Ground water Springs forming in THE TWIN Platte NRD