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COVID-19 Operations

The Twin Platte Natural Resources District (TPNRD) office has remained open during the COVID-19 Virus outbreak. The staff remains in the office continuing to work as normal.  However, it is asked of the public, if they have a question or need assistance from any staff in the office, to please call ahead of time if they have been exposed to someone who is sick or is not feeling well themselves.

Natural Resources Educational Materials

TPNRD is excited to provide educational materials that have been gathered from partnering agencies, as well as created specifically for this NRD. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office. 


The Twin Platte Natural Resources District is located in North Platte, Nebraska and was established in 1972.  TPNRD is one of 23 Natural Resources Districts.  NRD's are local government units with broad responsibilities to protect natural resources. Major Nebraska river basins form the boundaries which enables Districts to respond best to the needs of that specific area. 


The mission of the Twin Platte Natural Resources District is to be a leader in conserving, protecting, developing, and maintaining the natural resources of the District for the health and welfare of the people of the District.  The goal is to meet the responsibility of the TPNRD, as authorized by Nebraska statutes, such as leadership, technical assistance, cost-sharing, monitoring, data collection, construction, operations, information, education, and regulation.

Dates to Remember
Trees Planted in 2021
Trees Planted in 2021
Active Chemigation Permits
Active Chemigation Permits
# of Water Wells Measured in 2020
# of Water Wells Measured in 2020

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