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Grower InFoRmation Services Cooperative 

Understanding the USe of your Water Data

  • The TPNRD has entered into a contract with GiSC, local well drilling companies, and Olsson Associates for this new Water Data Program. There is NO COST to the grower for this Water Data Program. 
  • Growers who irrigate are requested to sign up with GiSC.  GiSC will provide the grower real time information through an online dashboard called AgHub. Working with GiSC and electrical providers will automate calculations that will provide growers with real time water use data.  Only the grower will have access to their own dashboard.
  • GiSC will provide regular aggregate reports of the water use within the TPNRD. The data from the water use report will be used in computer models. These reports will include, for each field served by a well, a minimum of a legal description, the crop grown, and the water pumped by the well. Grower’s names WILL NOT be included in these aggregate reports. 
  • The TPNRD believes that this Water Data Program, with additional projects, will successfully meet the requirements of the TPNRD IMP second increment.

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Watch this video with  Kent Miller, General Manager of TPNRD, Billy Tiller, CEO of GiSC and Roric Paulman, a grower in TPNRD who has worked with, and is an advocate for the GiSC Program.