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Dates to Remember

TPNRD Education Opportunities for youth and Adults


The Ranch Practicum is a three season, hands-on educational program conducted by University of Nebraska Extension. It is designed to give participants additional skills and education needed in today’s complex ranching industry. Six of the eight sessions will be held at the Gudmundsen Sandhills Laboratory near Whitman, and two sessions held at North Platte.  https://nebraskaranchpracticum.unl.edu/ has more Ranch Practicum information.

Ranch Practicum Scholarships

$175 scholarships are available on a first come, first served basis for livestock producers in TPNRD who apply before May 1 each year with the TPNRD, and complete the following Ranch Practicum. Contact the TPNRD office for more information about Ranch Practicum Scholarships.


In or near the Twin Platte Natural Resources District

State regulations require at least one certified chemigation applicator, along with their certification number, to be listed on each chemigation permit approved annually by the Natural Resources District.

If you need to become certified, plan to attend one of the UNL Extension training sessions listed below. This certification, along with the chemigation permit(s) and properly working antipollution equipment, are necessary for each location before injecting fertilizer or other agricultural chemicals into an irrigation system.

Please visit the Chemigation page for the dates and for more information.

Water Trailer 

Water Programs Field Coordinator, Glen Bowers, designed a portable display that provides an interactive demonstration of ground water and surface water in Nebraska. Over the years this water trailer has been used as an educational tool at schools and other environmental events. The unique design of this trailer, made from recyclable materials, represents Nebraska's unique underground aquifer throughout the state. 

For more information on the water trailer availability please contact our office.

Ogallala Outdoor Classroom

The Ogallala Outdoor Classroom was created in 1976. This area has a series of trails and many different types of plant species. It is a place for people of all ages to observe and learn the names of plants, grasses, and trees, as well as enjoy the peaceful nature as you walk around the mulched paths. The plot land was previously covered in rocks and was filled with trash. Students in the late 1970's petitioned to make the land an outdoor classroom and a haven filled with trees, grasses, and flowers. Forty years later and the community still takes care of this land, plants trees, and uses the property as an outdoor learning center. 

YOUTh environmental CAmps

Adventure Camp about the Environment, or ACE Camp, is held at the State 4-H Camp located in Halsey National Forest. ACE Camp is for students who have completed 6th, 7th, or 8th grade and want to learn more about natural resources while having an adventure at camp.

Youth Range Camp takes place in June each year at a location usually in central Nebraska. Range Camp is for youth from 14 to 18 years of age. This camp features information on range management, conservation, ecology, animal science, and wildlife on Nebraska’s most extensive natural resource – rangelands. 

TPNRD offers Scholarships for both youth camps. Please contact our office for more information and visit the Camp and Scholarships page.