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TPNRD, as with any other Natural Resources District in the State, fulfills Nebraska law by issuing an annual chemigation permit for irrigation systems used to apply a fertilizer, pesticide, or other agricultural product. For systems that had a permit the previous year, June 1st is the deadline for each renewal chemigation permit to be returned to the TPNRD office with the $20 renewal fee. New permits, at a cost of $40, can be received by TPNRD before or after June 1st.  However, each permit needs to list a current certified chemigation applicator, which is accomplished through free training provided by University of Nebraska Extension. In addition to new permit system inspections, renewal permit systems are inspected on a regular basis by District staff to make sure anti-pollution equipment is working properly. For more information on the chemigation program, please contact the TPNRD office. 


A chemigation permit form is attached below. Upon printing and signing, please mail or deliver to TPNRD with the $40 new permit fee, or $20 renewal fee. You may also contact the TPNRD office to have a permit form completed for you.

2024 Chemigation Certification Trainings

In the Twin Platte Natural Resources District Area:

State regulations require at least one certified chemigation applicator, along with their certification number and expiration date, to be listed on each chemigation permit approved annually by the Natural Resources District.

If you plan to chemigate during 2024, you will need to attend a training session and pass a test, or do the training and testing online, to become re-certified.

If you plan to become certified and wish to attend an in-person training, please pre-register at the Extension Office whose training session you plan to attend. On the day of the training session, please bring your Chemigation Training Manual, Calibration Workbook, No. 2 pencil, and calculator along to use during the training and test. Training and testing will take approximately 2-3 hours.

2024 In-Person Chemigation Trainings conducted by Chuck Burr:

January 17      1:00 pm CT      WCREC, 402 W State Farm Rd, North Platte  308/696-6783

January 24      1:00 pm CT      Courthouse, Stapleton  308/696-6783

January 30      1:00 pm MT     Fairgrounds, Ogallala  308/696-6783

April 11            9:00 am CT     WCREC, 402 W State Farm Rd, North Platte  308/696-6783

A link to the online training program along with directions can be accessed at the bottom of the page at:

This certification, along with the chemigation permit(s) and properly working antipollution equipment, are necessary for each location before injecting fertilizer or other agricultural chemicals into an irrigation system.

Chemigation certification lasts for four years.  Contact the TPNRD office to obtain permits or to arrange for an inspection.