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Tree Programs

TPNRD offers conservation tree programs to aid in protecting property, livestock, creating habitat for wildlife, as well as providing trees to urban properties. Below you will find the tree programs that are offered by TPNRD.

Need trees For your property?

Dave Slattery, TPNRD Conservation Programs Coordinator, specializes in designing windbreaks or finding a tree that is right for your urban or rural property. To view the different types of trees that are offered from TPNRD, find 'Tree Types' on the side menu to the left of this page. 

Conservation Windbreak

Windbreaks are a stand of trees that conserve soil and moisture, control snow drifting, prevent wind damage to farmsteads, provide shelter for livestock, beautify an area, protect a watershed, or improve an area for wildlife. To see conservation trees and shrub varieties available state-wide, please view the tree types page on the menu to the left. For trees and shrubs available locally in the TPNRD, contact Dave at the TPNRD office in North Platte.

Urban Forestry Program

TPNRD offers a program to those who live in North Platte, Ogallala, or Sutherland and who are in need of trees in their front yard visible from the street.   This program will reimburse for Urban Property Tree Planting. The tree must be on the landowners own private property. Please click here to view the different types of trees that are available. 

Please follow the steps below to apply:

  1. Visit the offices of the TPNRD or City Parks Department to pick up an application. Return application to the City Parks Department. 
  2. Location for tree must be staked at time of application.
  3. City Inspector and a TPNRD representative will examine planting site prior to approval or denial.

Fall container tree program

TPNRD offers Conifer, Broadleaf, or Shrub container trees that are 3+ years old. To order the trees, please contact Dave Slattery at the TPNRD office. These trees can be planted to fill in existing windbreaks or however the customer prefers.  Orders will be accepted for 2021 starting Nov. 1, 2020 – May 31, 2021.  Orders are accepted on a first come, first served basis.