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TPNRD Virtual Classroom

Above is the map of Nebraska showing the 23 Natural Resources Districts organized by river basin boundaries. For more information on other NRDs, please view the  Nebraska Association of Resources Districts NARD website or click the map above. 

TPNRD Website Scavenger Hunt

All answers can be found in several areas throughout the TPNRD website, in the “Limits” video on the History page under the Virtual Classroom page, and on the TPNRD home page.

EMAIL COMPLETED SHEET TO RECEIVE A FREE TREE TO snorris@tpnrd.org by April 20, 2020.  Pick up will be at the TPNRD office during office hours; trees will be in a bin on the second floor by the elevator. Trees will not arrive at the office until April 22nd.   (PDF to print is below).


  1. Have you heard of Natural Resources District?          Yes        or        No
  2. What is the Twin Platte Natural Resources District (TPNRD)?
  3. If you click on the button NE Rain in the top menu of the home page, what does that website tell you?
  4. How many Natural Resources Districts are there in the state of Nebraska?
  5. Do any other states have Natural Resources Districts?
  6. What four counties make up the TPNRD?
  7. The TPNRD gets its name from what two rivers?
  8. What is the motto of Nebraska Natural Resources Districts?
  9. Why were Natural Resources Districts started?
  10. What federal agency do NRDs partner with?
  11. What do other states have instead of Natural Resources Districts? (In the Limits Video)
  12. Where is the TPNRD office located? (address)
  13. TPNRD has staff who are experts in all natural resources related fields, such as ground water management, grasslands & wildlife, and conservation trees & shrubs.  Can you list one program offered under each of these categories on the website? (Hint: Programs)
  14. What is one of the awards the TPNRD gives to local landowners?
  15. What is a Buffer Strip?
  16. What are two types of trees the NRD sells to landowners for planting windbreaks?
  17. What is one thing you learned from the TPNRD virtual classroom or website that you found interesting?

EMAIL COMPLETED SHEET TO RECEIVE A FREE TREE TO snorris@tpnrd.org by April 20, 2020.